Studio Policies


Studio Behavior

Students are required to be quiet and respectful to instructors and fellow students upon entrance into CIAoD. Pulling on equipment, touching mirrors, and general disruptions will not be tolerated. Students are expected to be attentive during class and polite to their fellow students. Students, parents and siblings are expected to be neat in the dressing rooms and waiting area and to keep the general volume to a low level so as not to distract the classroom atmosphere.

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

Dancers should not be dropped off (without supervision) more than 20 minutes prior to their class. CIAoD is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students or their siblings.

Out of courtesy for our teachers, students must be picked up promptly following class or rehearsal. The studio will close promptly 5 minutes after the end of the last class. After 2 instances of students being picked up more than 10 minutes after the last class ends, you will be billed $1 per minute. Additionally, your student will not be permitted to participate in class or rehearsals until this fee is paid. Students are not permitted to exit the building unattended or stand outside waiting for their rides. For safety reasons, parents must come inside the Academy and pick up their dancers.


Food & Beverage

No food, drinks, or gum are allowed in the classroom. Water only will be allowed in the waiting area. Any drink or snacks consumed in the waiting area must be properly cleaned up.


Lost and Found

CIAoD is not responsible for any lost personal items. Please help us return lost items to you by labeling every item coming into the studio. Please check the lost and found located past the bathrooms to retrieve any misplaced items.


Weather Closing Policy

In the event of inclement weather and/or poor road conditions, classes may be cancelled for the safety of our students. When Carmel Clay schools are closed due to weather, Central Indiana Academy of Dance will also be closed. Please call the Academy to hear a current message and check your email for updates. Students may request a make-up class for classes cancelled due to weather, but the class must be made up within 2 weeks of the missed class. CIAoD does not credit, refund, or pro-rate tuition for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.