Pre-School Division


The Central Indiana Academy of Dance offers a specialized dance program for children beginning at age two. We take pride in the unique program which incorporates fun, singing, movement, props, basic steps, and terminology that prepares them for future dance classes. Our goal is for each child to improve in coordination and movement while gaining confidence in themselves and their ability. Once students reach a certain level of maturity and knowledge, they graduate to the next level and can eventually move into the Primary Division. As students progress they can then begin more intensive study with our Pre-Professional Division. Dancers in levels 3A and above also have the opportunity to become a Central Indiana Dance Ensemble member. We hope each dancer learns to enjoy and respect the art of dance.

Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me - Ages 2 & up by August 1st

Mommy and Me serves as an introduction to the art of dance in a nurturing environment ideal for the ages 2-3. Parents/Caregivers participate in exercises that are presented in an imaginative way for the active mind while satisfying the child's natural instinct for movement.

Beginning Movement/Tap - Age 3 by August 1st

This class is structured for the child who is ready to dance independently. Children are introduced to basic steps which promote rhythm and body awareness. Exercises promote early childhood development while focusing on gross motor skills and individual expression. The last 15 minutes of class will introduce the child to tap basics, with an emphasis on rhythm and musicality.

Creative Movement/Tap - Age 4 by August 1st

The Creative Movement class will begin to introduce the child to the structure of a ballet class. The child will continue to develop listening skills, strength, balance, turning and coordination. As in Beginning Movements, the last 15 minutes of class will be tap.

Pre-Ballet/Tap - Age 5 by August 1st

This class serves as an introduction to formal ballet instruction. Students will begin to build a foundation for ballet technique. Exercises will promote correct posture, basic ballet technique, and flexibility while continuing to develop gross motor skills, balance and strength. Children also begin to learn French ballet vocabulary and proper ballet etiquette. The last 15 minutes of class will concentrate on the tap skills necessary to prepare for Tap 1.